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15 years living ~ HS SENIOR
I accept the fact that I'm really crazy&weird sometimes. I just want to have fun & I never want shed a tear in my eyes. Please also accept that I am LOUD. I'm not a happy-go-lucky person. Eventhough I laugh often, I do have problems too.
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wild days
Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ 7:21 PM

Hey guys, I haven't actually blog anything na. 
So, I'll just be announcing that I'm officially moving to tumblr.

Check my blogs out:


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Happy Mothers Day Vacation ♥//
Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 9:30 PM

050811 Happy Mothers Day 

Me & My Mom at my Grandpapa's birthday celebration 

Aha, just got home from Tagaytay Highlands with Mom, Tito Oca, Karylle, and the IMG crew. Though we're not complete, its ALRIGHT, 'cause this ain't even a family trip, a business trip actually paid by our lovely IMG-mates. I met lovely people too. I will post pictures soon. 

Thank you twitter symbols for this lovely symbols.

And yes, back to Mothers Day, this vacation of us became the celebration of our Mothers Day. It's actually my mom's first time going to Tagaytay Highland because this place is for members only. And speaking of first times, NOT ME. It's actually my third (3) time coming here because of my (ASG) Janie's 16th Birthday Celebration & our field trip on my 3rd year days. But its also my first time camping out on a real tent with my family (my mom). We slept on a tent near the swimming pool. Tagaytay Highlands is such a great place! I truly recommend it for RICH people. Haha! 

I don't know what time I woke up, but I remember that when I opened my eyes for a bit, I gratefully greeted my mom Happy Mothers Day to make her day good. I hope it did. LOL.

I thank my BESTFRIEND who made this all possible. He told me to stop thinking about negative things so that I could enjoy my summer. Thanks BFF!

Summer 2011//
Friday, May 6, 2011 @ 7:16 PM

Hello Summer & Goodbye.

Hello Growlers, sorry for being so lazy blogging here. Somethings happen this past few weeks now, and somewhat making my Summer horrible. Well, summers' always like this, just more horrible. Every promise broken, Dad got sick, no vacation, no fun, no dates, no texts. What could get worst? Well, theres COLLEGE, and I'm really scared of college, though it is starting this June 14. I planned stuff, everything got destroyed and happened painfully, I blame myself, for doing fucking stuff. No one is my friend anymore. I don't know what to do. Everybody has something BETTER to do than be with me, than talk to me, than love me. Because I am nothing, I am nothing in this world.

I don't know what summer is anymore. Summer is hell months for me. Making me suffer, making me feel that I don't have freedom, making me feel that I don't have anyone, that I can only rely to myself. 

ASG's Pre-Graduation Celebration.//
Saturday, April 2, 2011 @ 1:45 PM

March 17-18, 2011. 
ASG's Pre-Grad Celeb / Slumber Party

LATE POST. Oh yes, we had a slumber party at Janies' house / Mansion :)))) Though we we're not complete, we all had a blast! Their we're air hockey, a billiard table, wii, xbox, laser lights, disco lights, a bar, a sofa, some pillows, cheetoossss, blankets, dvd's, a huge TV, and us friends. We thought, well actually, Mitchie thought of this slumber party for us, but not actually a pre-grad celeb (I just thought of that heading). Maybe just another party for us girls, because, "Girls just wanna have fun." Everybody was happy, and had fun. Seems like the whole terrace is for us! We played and took picture and laughed and took pictures. Mitchie feel asleep too early and we gave her a punishment for that >:) Nothing to say much, all I can say is that, ASG is my second family which I will cherish forever. Eventhough we wont be seeing each other in college, I hope that we can all get back together like this once in a while and laugh and have fun and take pictures all over again :)

I love my ASG family.

Goodbye, Highschool :(//

March 29, 2011
The day of tears, the day of goodbyes, and the day of our graduation.

 This was the schools' event which I really don't want to attend to. I hate saying goodbyes and here's the day meant for it. Highschool was such a great adventure yet it's about to end. Everyone was so fun and friendly and so much cheerful, eventhough it was the time we're I almost loved everybody, It's the time to let go of them.

Our call time was 7.30 AM at our Social Hall at school. I didn't want to go as early as they said we should be so I got there about 8AM with my parents & my brothers wife. I saw everyone wearing there toga's and with there parents falling in line outside our Mo. Consuelo Barcelo Theater. It made me smile to see everyone happy taking pictures and all but so sad to know the fact that the end of this adventure was about to end. As we enter the Theater *taking pictures also* we saw the principal talking to the students with their parents as the line gets nearer and nearer to her. I hear that she's asking about our courses and advertising our college department at our school. And the principal got to me and asked, "Goodmorning Miss, what will be the course you would like to take?" I replied, "Accountancy po."  "Nice. Goodluck with college!" And she joyfully moved to the student behind me. And here we go; Pa, me and Ma we're walking down the aisle... Opps! STOP FOR THE PICTURE. And we we're walking until the end of the aisle with my Pa left behind. LOL. Epic fail. And I bowed at the center and let go of them. And there we go.. mass..................... And hello graduation. I was so nervous to go up that stage and get my diploma, but I did it! And yes, Sister asked why my hands were so cold, and I proudly replied, "Kinakabahan po ako e :)" And there we go. Another moment was when I got up the stage to get my medals & certificate. Academic Recognition, Honor in Deportment, & Outstanding Officer in Cultural Club. Not so bad? And the speech of our Valedictorian, Gail, which made some of our batchmates cry not including me, and lastly the last song, Whenever we Remember which MADE ME CRY.

Graduation over. Everyone hugged everyone. Aira was the one I hugged and Daisy was the second. Daisy was the one who really made me cry because she cried too. We got up the stage to greet everyone with sadness and take pictures. Surprisingly, he cried also, which was kinda *cute* ;) but I didn't hug him much I don't know why, maybe because I was too busy trying to be sad for myself. I hugged my bespren Sean and tapped my  ex-crush Christian thanks. I forgot to give Laurie the scrapbook thing she asked for, I forgot to return Jacque's USB, I forgot to give Rocky & Joseph, Aira's Graduation picture, and I forgot to give away my grad pic. Because of my emotions I forgot everything. Good thing today was great. Oh, I even got to hug and kiss my mother-in-law JOKE! His mother I should say. Hehe. And my parents also greeted him with a smile :) PROUD TO SAY THAT ONE!

Now, I'm officially a highschool graduate off to summer which means summer job at my mom's office. LOL. But we never know whats next? ;)

IV-Wisdom & IV- Justice Batch 2010-2011.
The craziest batch ever. 
The wildest batch ever.
The most fun batch ever.
The batch that I will miss.
And will never forget.

Scared for Summer.//
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 @ 6:46 PM

For every student, though not all graduating student, summer maybe the best part of it all. The fun, the beaches, the heat, the bikinis, the hot guys (NOT INTERESTED) but not me. Oh yes, I was before until my mom wants me to work at her office and do the "ADULT STUFF." Dang! I wan't to go to the beach with my family & friends and just enjoy my last summer of highschool. Maybe summer in college will not be so good because you have to study for some exam you'll have when you get back. I want to be busy this summer, but I guess I won't be.  

Graduation is on March 29. Goodbye, highschool. I would want you not to end but what can a dumbass girl do? I want to cry, I want to hug everybody. It's like the end of the world or worst. This week has been so bad, I think graduations' going to suck more. AHHHHHHH. I can't think of anything now. Thinking of graduation things makes my tummy filled with butterflies. Anyways, everything should go this way, and this is the only way no any other path. 

I'm jealous. I wan't your summer.
I want to have the mall shows; I want to have summer classes; I want lots of vacations; I want my work to end; I want to ride a plane; I want to have lots of time; I want to spend my summer with you.

Hell week.//
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 @ 10:33 PM

Hello bloggers again. Everything didn't turn out so well this week, well actually the start. Last week was so good that this week was starting to blast out my head. Okay, maybe I wasn't suppose to post this one, but I don't have anything or anyone else. Well, monday, hell. Number one, facebook chat sucks. Everything that we should've talked about was ending so bad because of facebook. ANOTHER WHY, why don't you talk to me again? Last week was our exams and was suppose to suck but didn't, he always talk to me and go with jokes with me last week but now no. He suddenly changes. FUCK THAT! WHY?????? :|

Pray for Japan.